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Our products are not tested on animals. Friends of Viva! and PETA.


Soya Colour with essential oils

An ultra gentle permanent natural hair colour in 75 shades that gives 100% grey
coverage like mainstream tint but with no ammonia - so no nasty odours.

Many shades are PPD free while the mix of argan and avocado oils moisturize the hair shaft. Soya lifts up to five shades from black to fiery coppers, vibrant reds and cool blondes, and is used together with our avocado developer. Remember, if you have not been to see us recently, you will need to do a skin test 48 hours before your visit.

H2O Water Colour

PPD-free H20 Colour is a 95% water-based colour that is not mixed with ammonia,
resorcinol or any active bleaching agent - making it completely odourless and a great
choice for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Using fewer chemicals leaves hair in its virgin-like state and prevents any damage being done to the hair shaft. H2O covers grey hair naturally up to 100% in over 40 shades and is often used to cover grey in between foil highlights (without an artificial effect because H2O cannot lighten hair). You will need to do a skin test 48 hours before using this colour.

Ammonia-free Seaweed Kelp Lightener

This odourless lightener achieves the same bright blonde levels as traditional bleach,
but without the damage. Seaweed offers longer lasting highlights as its swell-free
formula allows you to get closer to the root while leaving the hair in amazing condition. Carefully crafted to give even the most fragile hair the tender care it needs. For a very vibrant colour effect, pre-lighten with ultra gentle Seaweed Lightener.